Leading Up is a podcast for millennials in the workplace, and/or people who work with them. Yup, that means you.



Hi I’m Traci, host of Leading Up.

Is this where I finally get to tell the world that at the young age of 11 I had a crazy successful lemonade stand that almost paid for my entire college tuition? No? Well that’s a little bit of a stretch anyway - but I was always an entrepreneur at heart. I’ll fast forward a couple years, I studied architecture at the University of New Mexico but quickly realized I had a love for design and business. After working in the world of start-ups and small companies for a few years, I began working as a construction consultant for a large corporation in Nashville. That was really the first time I realized young people (aka Millennials) had a lot stacked against them in corporate America. Luckily I have a lot of great people in my life who have helped me navigate the difficult road to having true influence with people around me. For that very reason, I decided to start Leading Up - to share as much information as I can with Millennials and the people who work with us.

When I’m not interviewing podcast guests or editing the episodes you can find me running around Nashville with my friends and goofy golden retriever, Murphy.